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Here's the 'scope

for the Gemini babe

May21- June20

for the Cancer babe

June21- July22

for the Leo babe


for the Virgo babe


for the Libra babe


for the Scorpio babe


for the Sagittarius babe


for the Capricorn babe


for the aquarius babe


for the Pisces babe


for the aries babe


for the Taurus babe


Our in house astrologer

Cassidy came into the world of healing when Astrology and Yoga provided her a unique path back into who she is at her core. Astrology arrived when she needed it the most, as it let her settle into exactly who she is. Since that first reading, she has been studying the ancient science and leading others home to their true selves. She now carries the title of Yoga teacher (RYT-200), Astrologer, Reiki practitioner, student of life, and lover of food. Her love of lending a helping hand through healing journeys is evident in her yoga classes and astrology readings. She uses Astrology to give people permission to be exactly who they are. Yoga and Astrology gave her back her direction, confidence, and clarity. Her purpose is to help others to find exactly that. Having studied under Debra Silverman’s Astrology program, she offers natal chart readings to help people drop into their selves. To learn more or reach out to her click HERE

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the Artist & Designer

Sienna is entering her Junior year studying Digital Media Communications with a minor in Studio Art at Loyola University Maryland. She is currently a intern for TPD and is taking on graphics and social media work. She is a creative gal with incredible execution skills. After college, she hopes to have a career in graphic design or digital communications. Working with children is another one of her passions. She is a retired competitive gymnast and all-star cheerleader, so coaching has become a new part of her life. She loves being able to teach kids how to have dedication and work as a team. Some of her favorite activities include, goofing off with her best friends, binging TV shows, and eating a LOT of sushi. All collages are designed by her; for commions please contact her directly at "sewhalen@loyola.edu".

It's a beautiful decade, let's polish it off & make it our own.